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Thai Chef MAMA 泰廚媽媽

No Cooking Needed

MAMA Instant Noodles were produced since 1972, occupying a leading position in the Thai market, you can easily find them almost anywhere. A new line named "Thai Chef MAMA (泰廚媽媽)" was created for export market, including Cup and Packet Noodles (Chicken / Duck / Tom Yum / Shrimp Creamy Tom Yum Flavor). All inheriting excellent traits, they are yummy, convenient to serve (no cooking needed) and budget-friendly for families.

MAMA即食麵自1972年開始生產,佔據泰國市場的主導地位,幾乎可以在任何地方輕鬆找到MAMA。最近,品牌為出口市場創立了全新系列名為「Thai Chef MAMA 泰廚媽媽」,同時推出杯裝和袋裝麵 (雞湯味/ 鴨湯味/ 蝦味青檸冬蔭 / 蝦味酸辣冬蔭) 。這些產品都繼承了MAMA卓越的特點,包括美味可口、方便食用(無火煮食)、價格親民。


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