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Our Story

Cougar Hong Kong Limited (高格行有限公司) was established in 1995. We started business as a grocery, food & beverage importer and distributor in Hong Kong and exported to overseas. In past 2 decades of hard working, Cougar developed as one of the leading Brand Management companies in HK.

We have well established distribution channels in Hong Kong, Macau and Mainland China, including Key Retailers, such as supermarket chains, department stores, health & beauty chains and convenience stores; General Trade Clients, such as catering & banquet companies, hotels, restaurants and fast food chains. The coverage of retail outlet of our branded products are over 3,000 spots in Hong Kong right now. Our innovative and quality branded products are sourced from renowned strategic partners in Taiwan, Korea, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia and China.


高格行有限公司 (Cougar Hong Kong Limited ) 成立於 1995 年。我們以食品和飲料進口商和分銷商的身份在香港開展業務,並出口到海外。在過去20多年的努力中,高格行發展成為香港領先的品牌管理公司之一。我們擁有完善的分銷渠道,包括連鎖超市、百貨公司、健康美容連鎖店和便利店等主要零售商;商業客戶,如餐飲和宴會公司、酒店、餐廳和快餐連鎖店。 我們品牌產品的零售點覆蓋香港超過3,000個點。 我們的產品採購自台灣、韓國、新加坡和馬來西亞等地。 

我們的服務包括: 品牌管理、銷售管理、客戶管理、物流管理與配送。高格行是一家充滿活力的公司,我們不斷探索新的業務合作夥伴,並採購環球優質食品,目前主要採購自台灣、韓國、新加坡、泰國、馬來西亞及中國等。 同時,我們亦開發自家品牌產品,與我們的戰略合作夥伴開展聯合項目。