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Duria 榴冠王

Durian Pioneer

Duria is one of the pioneers in Malaysia to manufacture durian products, and lead the export of Malaysian durian products. In 2005, Duria proposed to the Malaysian Ministry of Agriculture for the first integrated durian factory to revolutionise the durian industry. Duria started producing durian mooncakes in 2012, exporting to USA, the UK, Australia, Hong Kong, New Zealand and other international markets. The manufacturing facility of Duria comprises of 4 production lines for mooncakes, with 1000 sqm facility and cold room warehouse to store 400 tons of durian. Duria 's hero products include Musang King Durian Snowy Mooncake, Charcoal Black Thorn Durian Snowy Mooncake, Duria Mochi (Original / Pandan / Mango Flavors).

榴冠王是馬來西亞製造榴槤產品的先驅之一,並且在馬來西亞榴槤產品的出口方面處於領先地位。2005年,榴冠王向馬來西亞農業部提議建立第一個綜合榴槤工廠,旨在革新榴槤產業。榴冠王於2012年開始生產榴槤冰皮月餅,並將其出口到美國、英國、澳洲、香港、紐西蘭等國際市場。榴冠王的生產設施包括4條月餅生產線,擁有1000平方公尺的設施和冷藏庫,可以儲存400噸的榴槤。榴冠王熱門產品包括: 原味貓山王榴槤冰皮月餅、竹炭黑刺榴槤冰皮月餅、榴槤摩緹 (原味/芒果味/香蘭味)等。


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