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SF Shoon Fatt

Bites Baked Crisps

In 1967, SF started as a small business in Malaysia, crafting authentic classic snacks for the masses through a small shop in Teluk Intan. The brand has eventually grown through the integration of world-class technological advancements and knowledge, exporting products to the world today. SF "Bites Baked Crisps" are bites for all! The crisps are baked instead of being fried with oil and gluten-free. Bites Baked Crisps series has 4 flavors: Sour Cream & Onion / Baked Hot & Spicy / BBQ Curry / Black Truffles.

始於1967年的馬來西亞品牌SF (Shoon Fatt Biscuit & Confectionery),最初只是安順的小餅乾店,優質味美的烘焙餅乾受到大眾歡迎,於是1976年設立了第一間烘焙工廠。56年來,SF致力研發及製作零食,透過烘焙專業技術以及對烘焙零食的熱愛,成功發展成為今天的規模,把烘焙零食送到東南亞及歐美國家。SF「烘焙一囗薯片」系列,以烤烘代替油炸,而且不含麩質,讓你享受零食的同時減少攝入不健康成分,是大人小孩的健康美味選擇!一囗薯片共有4款口味: 酸奶油洋蔥味 / 燒烤咖喱味 / 香辣味 / 黑松露味。 


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