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Bee Products Thai (BPT)

100% Pure Honey

Originating from the purest northern region of Thailand, Bee Products Thai (BPT) honey is naturally extracted from abundant plant pollen and nectar, resulting in its golden color and unique flavor. Bee Products Thai's beekeeping partners live among the flowers, allowing bees to naturally collect nectar from a variety of flower species, presenting the most natural and pure honey. 

Over 30 years of beekeeping experience, BPT is certified GAP, GMP Cordex, HACCP Cordex, ISO 22000:2005 and USFDA. From raw material sourcing to manufacturing and packaging, the entire process is strictly monitored to ensure compliance with international food safety standards, providing customers with quality-assured natural honey.

​源自泰國最純淨北部地區,Bee Products Thai 蜂蜜天然提取自繁盛的植物花粉及花蜜,形成其金黃色澤和獨特風味。Bee Products Thai 的養蜂夥伴逐花而居,讓蜜蜂能充分地自然採收花種豐富的花蜜,呈現最天然純正的蜂蜜。

擁有超過30年的養蜂經驗,榮獲多項管理體系認證,包括GAP、GMP Cordex、HACCP Cordex、ISO 22000 : 2005、USFDA等,由原料來源、製造到包裝,整個過程均受嚴謹監控,確保符合國際食品安全標準,為顧客提供具品質保證的天然蜂蜜。

100% 純正蜂蜜

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