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Bissin 必先

Crunchy Wafers

Since 2017, Thai President Foods Public Company Limited has been carrying out food business including Noodles (MAMA), Rice Products, Beverage and Biscuits (Bissin 必先). Its prominent Thailand brand Bissin rolled out a series of light and crunchy wafer infusing flavorful cream in a wide variety of tastes, including the popular picks: Cocoa, Coffee, Milk, Coconut; the fruity choices: Orange, Lemon, Strawberry, Blueberry, Blackcurrant. The 9 wafer products are made in Thailand, all Halal certified with 12 months shelf life.

自2017年,Thai President Foods Public 一直發展食品業務,包括麵食 (MAMA)、米製品、飲料,以及餅乾類 (Bissin 必先)。旗下泰國品牌Bissin推出了一系列味道輕盈、口感鬆脆的夾心威化。整個系列口味多樣,包括熱門暢銷的可可味、咖啡味;香濃可口的牛奶味、椰子味;清新怡人的香橙味、檸檬味;香甜味美的草莓味、藍莓味、黑加侖子味。9 款產品均產自泰國,具清真認證,保質期12個月。


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