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NanaMee 哈美獅

Enjoy The Authentic Taste of Asia

NanaMee was founded by an epicure who loves Southeast Asian cuisine. The brand carefully selects authentic fresh ingredients and natural spices from all over the world and transfers into soup and sauce to bring onto your table. The products are flavorful and convenient to cook, food lovers can enjoy the authentic taste of master at home. Cougar is dedicated to brand management, overseeing everything from package design to sales channels and marketing. With a keen eye for detail and a commitment to excellence, we ensure every aspect of the brand is curated and executed.

哈美獅是由一位熱愛東南亞美食的美食家創立。該品牌精心挑選來自世界各地的地道食材和天然香料,製成湯和醬,呈現於您的餐桌上。哈美獅產品味道正宗濃郁,而且便於烹調,美食愛好者可以在家中享受大師級的正宗美味! 高格行致力於品牌管理,從包裝設計到銷售渠道都全方位監管。


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